danilla bean design

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About Us

danilla bean design

danilla bean design began in the spring of 1999. After graduating from the graphic design program at Spokane Falls Community College in 1996, I began my career at Premier Sports Marketing. I designed advertising systems for major colleges and professional teams nationwide. In the spring of 1999 I found myself expecting our second baby and downsized out of a corporate job. Thus began my "word-of-mouth", freelance, graphic design business. This wasn't a bad thing, in fact it was an answer to prayer. I wanted to be at home raising our daughters and still satisfy my desire for beautiful design and creativity. Beginning my own firm was a natural fit. The name of a company says much about that company. Being active and present in our daughters' lives is very important to us. In pondering exactly what I wanted our business to say through it's name came the realization that our designs add flavor to the "gray" of everyday business. The vanilla bean is used as a subtle yet distinct flavor. After considering the two aspects of our business - staying at home with our daughters and contributing "design with flavor" to the business world - it only seemed fitting that the name of our business should come from our children - a wonderful flavor in our lives. When our oldest daughter was two she pronounced vanilla as "danilla". It was out of the joy of being her mommy that I chose to name the business danilla bean design. Every time I state the name I am reminded of what a joy and blessing it has been to be available, to capture every mispronounced word, to bandage wounds and wipe away tears, to laugh and tickle, and now, to listen to their school adventures and share the advice only a mom can give. I love our girls and will do my very best to please our clients so as to never lose the privilege of being available. This is what drives danilla bean design.

why danilla bean design

danilla bean design is a firm based out of our home. In these times there are many opportunities to be swallowed in the larger businesses of America. Here are a few of the reasons we believe you would benefit from using the resources at danilla bean design. 

We won't cut corners.

We won't put you off.

Because we are small you are very important to us.

Because we are small you can count on our seriousness when it comes to your satisfaction.

Because we are small does not mean we will gouge you with higher prices. Our prices are fair and represent the quality you will receive. 

Because we are small does not mean your job is too big. We welcome a challenge and strive to produce quality.

Because we are small this business MUST survive.